Premium Coffee + High quality protein

Instant Coffee infused with protein

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Rich Colombian coffee with 8g of protein and just 32 calories, served HOT.

I absolutely love pro.brew! It mixes so well in hot water plus it tastes amazing. Such an great way to increase your daily protein intake.

Ana Re

Easy to make, hassle free. Love the taste and a quick way to get some protein in ! Really recommend.

Polly Oliver

But honestly, blown away. It's just as smooth as regular coffee, you wouldn't think it was packed full of extras. I completely noticed the difference in gaining the extras in my coffee routine too.

Jason Belcher

This has become my stamp at work!! Being a coffee lover and pt this is the best thing I've ever bought. Great company that actually cares about their product!

Caitlin H

Great tasting coffee with the added bonus of a protein boost! Just makes sense to switch out your old coffee for this one!

Helen R

Why Pro.Brew?

  • Highest Quality Protein

    Our coffee offers a complete protein source, containing collagen and all nine essential amino acids.

  • Premium Colombian Coffee

    The smoothest Colombian microground arabica, rich in antioxidants and containing 120mg caffeine per serving.

  • Serve Hot

    Unlike other brands, Pro.Brew is a coffee first, that means you can serve it hot!

  • Proper serving sizes

    No protein scoops here! Just 2x teaspoons (12g) into a mug, just like a regular serving of coffee.

Only 3 Ingredients

Colombian Arabica Microground Coffee

Colombian Arabica Microground Coffee is a type of coffee made from Arabica beans sourced from Colombia, which is renowned for its high-quality coffee production.

"Microground" refers to a specific processing method where the coffee beans are ground into a very fine powder, resulting in a more consistent particle size which retains its freshness and aroma.

Premium Collagen

Premium marine collagen is sourced from high-quality fish species free from contaminants and toxins. 

Marine collagen peptides are broken down into smaller molecules through a process called hydrolysis, which increases their bioavailability. This means that they are more easily absorbed and utilised by the body compared to other forms of collagen.

Collagen contains high levels of arginine and glycine, essential components involved in the production of creatine. Creatine is renowned for its capacity to improve athletic performance.

Marine collagen supplements can help support joint health, reduce joint pain and inflammation, and promote bone density.

Marine collagen is known for its ability to promote skin elasticity, hydration, and firmness as well as create stronger hair and nails.

All 9 Amino Acids

A protein source containing all nine essential amino acids is crucial for supporting muscle maintenance and growth, cellular repair and maintenance, and overall health.

These amino acids play essential roles in protein synthesis, enzyme production, and various biochemical processes throughout the body. Consuming a variety of complete protein sources ensures balanced nutrition and provides the body with the necessary building blocks for optimal function and well-being.

Not all collagen products contain all 9 essential amino acids, WE DO!

3 Ingredients only

Our goal is to maintain the integrity of our coffee's flavour profile and aroma, so we've chosen not to overwhelm it with additional extras such as vitamins.

We prioritise being a coffee-first product while seamlessly infusing high-quality protein. This deliberate decision ensures a simple, effortless swap without compromising the deliciously smooth taste of our coffee.

The Science behind the coffee

Muscle Growth & Repair

Pro.Brew coffee contains all 9 essential amino acids, serving as a complete protein source that aids in muscle protein synthesis (muscle growth) and repair.

Unlike other protein coffees, we utilise the highest quality marine collagen, known for its superior absorption—1.5 times better than bovine collagen—and its excellent solubility in hot and cold drinks due to its smaller molecular size.

Rich in Antioxidants

Colombian coffee boasts a higher antioxidant potential than many others, containing significant amounts of chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, and other phenolic compounds that protect cells from damage by free radicals, contributing to aging and disease.

Sustained Energy

With 120mg of caffeine per serving, Pro.Brew coffee keeps you energised throughout the day.

Stronger Hair, Skin, and Nails

Healthier Hair, Glowing Skin, and Stronger Nails

Marine collagen present in Pro.Brew may help clear blemishes, minimise wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity for a youthful glow, and fortify hair and nails for improved strength and appearance.

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