Our Story

We’re Pro.Brew, the UK’s Original instant protein coffee founded by Josh.  Our mission is to make healthier choices effortless by crafting high-protein, zero-sugar coffee and hot drinks that deliver on taste.

It's been a long rollercoaster to get the right recipe to create a great instant protein coffee. We wanted a smooth, premium tasting coffee, with none of the lumpy, chalky textures found in protein shakes, and we’ve done it.



I'm Josh, and my enduring passion for health and fitness has been a constant thread in my life. From excelling in rugby and football during my younger years to transitioning into the world of the gym and personal training, I've always been dedicated to optimising my wellbeing.


My academic journey led me to study Sports Therapy at University, further fuelling my enthusiasm for health. My focus extends beyond mere aesthetics; I genuinely care about my body's performance, the nutrients it receives, and the associated health benefits. For me, fostering healthy habits is crucial. Imagine being able to maintain your morning coffee routine whilst also reaping the rewards of a complete protein source, that was a game-changer in my ongoing quest for well-being, and here we are!


I'm Leisha. I joined Pro.Brew in 2023 and i'm responsible for all things creative. I pursued sports science at university and went on to become a successful personal trainer and nutritionist. I have gone back to academia recently to pursue a masters degree in physiotherapy.


I previously competed in bodybuilding and have now moved into a functional movement style, competing in ultra marathons, and cross fit events.