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protein coffee


If you are reading this then you clearly like your coffee. Great choice. We LOVE our coffee too. Coffee has to be, well, coffee. Right? Not something that resembles coffee. 

So... Few questions:

What's the most consumed beverage in the world? No, not water, or tea (that's just our British thing). Coffee. 

And what's the most consumed coffee type? Yes, instant

We know there are so many great coffees out there, but do they actually have any nutritional benefit? No, most don't.

We have changed this. And we did not settle for anything sub-standard. This is a coffee first. That's our promise. And you will be left questioning if you could actually taste any protein in it at all. 

We've used the finest ingredients we could get our hands on: Rain Forest Alliance 100% Colombian Barista Style Microground coffee, and a very high quality blend of marine collagen peptide protein to create an instant coffee with the added benefit of protein (or instant protein coffee).

Couple of heaped tea spoons.

Add Hot water (but not boiling - don't burn your coffee!).


Add your favoured milk + sugar (or drink it black). 


No microwave. No shakers. No different prep needed. 

Using what we know and how convenience is everything nowadays, we thought we would improve instant coffee so you get the nutritional benefit of 8 grams of protein per serving. But it is still a coffee first and foremost.

Many other brands have tried this concept and fell short. Creating gravy like products, or protein shakes that just don't quite fulfil the desire for coffee. We know from experience that if you want a coffee, these other concepts of 'protein coffee' just don't quite cut it and satisfy that craving. 

We want you to reach for our coffee and not be disappointed. To serve it to someone else and them not be able to tell the difference. 

Our coffee can be used alongside all of the preferred diets, Keto, Paleo, Low-Carb, Pescatarian etc. Whatever diet you follow, or whatever your preference, we know that what we have created can replace the normal coffee that you reach for, whether thats at work, in the office or at home. So how about we stop writing about what we've created, and let our product do the talking. 

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